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Fundraising software helps communicate from charities to millennials

Fundraising software can bridge the communication gap between millennials and nonprofits. The people who comprise the elusive millennial generation are not avoiding making charitable donations. An organization simply may not speak their language yet.

As reported by Forbes Contributor Ryan Scott, young people in their 20s and 30s do contribute funding to nonprofits. In a survey conducted by America’s Charities, nonprofit organizations replied that they have seen a surge in volunteers, most notably from young professionals. As these younger people grow, establish careers and solidify life goals, they will continue to contribute money to causes that matter to them.

Communication can certainly be the key to maintaining this relationship with a millennial and seeing a new donation each year. Kathryn Pauley, a millennial herself, writes on Nonprofit Hub that drawn out communication like voicemails and paper mailers drive younger generations away. They appreciate brevity. Sticking with email is a sure bet when it comes to beginning the donation conversation. Short and concise will reach millennials better than long and descriptive. One huge tip: be wary of speaking down to or patronizing young people. They could be the future of your nonprofit, and if you treat them as though they are already members, it increases the likelihood of that becoming a reality.

Another important point Pauley mentions is that people born between the late 1980s and 2000 enjoy working with other people from their generation. If your staff doesn’t include anyone in that age group, you should consider hiring some or at the very least, engaging them as volunteers during fundraising events or ministry outings.

A fundraising software system can facilitate these constructive conversations between ministries, charities or groups and the millennials that may be their future donors. Software makes specifying an organization’s goals and purpose easier.