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Nonprofit software supports organizations mobile marketing strategy

Mobile technology is ubiquitous in the digital era, and non profit software helps organizations adapt to this trend. People use a mobile phone now more than ever. In fact, eMarketer projects 4.5 billion people in the world will use a mobile phone in 2014, and nearly 2 billion people will use a smartphone. Not only do people have phones, but 91 percent have their device within an arm’s reach at all times, according to Non profit Technology Network. Organizations can take advantage of this worldwide movement by adopting a mobile marketing strategy.

A strategy tailored to mobile users will attract more supporters. In fact, mobile devices account for nearly 30 percent of all website traffic, according to a mobile traffic report compiled by Walker Sands, a public relations agency.

Determine the purpose and target audience 
The first step in any a mobile marketing strategy is to establish goals and objectives. Determine the target audience. Tap into the software and make sure the organization has supporters’ contact information. The mobile tool doesn’t accomplish much without a vision in sight. A nonprofit with an end goal in mind will effectively connect with supporters and enjoy concrete results.

Ensure the website emails are mobile ready
Nonprofit MarCommunity indicated a mobile-optimized website is crucial to pull in supporters. Without one, many constituents may not access the site again. This could cost NPOs many donors.

Additionally, a vital part of the strategy is sending mobile-friendly emails to constituents. In 2014, more than half of all emails will be opened through a mobile device, npENGAGE reported. The number of mobile email users is expected to grow 28 percent this year and 23 percent in 2015. By 2017, 1.8 million people will access emails through their mobile device. A staff member can tap into a nonprofit software program to find supporters’ email addresses. Anticipate that an email will most likely be accessed through a mobile device. To ensure people are able to read NPOs emails, organizations must take a couple steps.

Organizations should consider the width of emails because Android and iOS devices don’t resize emails the same way. To fit both mobile devices’ width, organizations should make sure emails are narrow enough to accommodate both gadgets. Once the emails cater to all sorts of mobile users’ browsers, capture their attention with short and concise paragraphs. Whether an individual is commuting on the train or checking personal emails during lunch breaks, he or she has only so much free time and other pressing emails to read. It doesn’t help that there are countless distractions in the fast-paced world.

Grasp the mobile users’ attention with a catchy subject line and message
Make it worth it and get to the point. If a person isn’t interested right away, he or she could delete the message in a matter of seconds. Don’t let supporters press the trash button. Instead, make the message exciting, relevant and easy to understand.  Also, enlarge the text size. People shouldn’t have to zoom to read sentences.

One way of even getting constituents to open emails is to provide a captivating subject line. This may be one of the most crucial elements of any email marketing campaign. With mobile-friendly emails, non profits will enjoy more click-throughs, donations and other forms of support. Don’t forget to test it out. A nonprofit should put itself in a reader’s shoes. Send an email to colleagues and see how it looks. If there are errors, don’t wait to address these issues. All of these tips will ensure mobile users can access emails easily.

Remember that a mobile marketing strategy must include goals and a target audience. Confirm a NPO’s objectives and use a nonprofit software program to find the most qualified supporters. Mobile is pervasive and it’s vital that NPOs adapt to this exciting trend.