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Ministry Spotlight: Answers in Genesis

DonorDirect is excited to celebrate an 11-year partnership with Answers in Genesis this year!

Answers in Genesis is headquartered in Kentucky and was founded in the United States over 25 years ago. AiG is an apologetics ministry dedicated to helping Christians defend their faith and effectively proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ.

AiG focuses on providing answers to questions about the Bible – particularly the book of Genesis – regarding key issues such as creation, evolution, science, and the age of the earth. They also desire to train others to develop a biblical worldview, from the youngest to the oldest of believers.

Where It All Started

Ken Ham, CEO and founder of Answers in Genesis, left his position as a public-school science teacher in Queensland, Australia, in the late 1970s to become co-founder of the Creation Science Foundation in Australia. CSF started with a book ministry and a teaching ministry that was based out of the home of Ken and his wife, Mally, and the Hams were integral in growing the ministry and expanding its reach.

Over the next two decades, Ken and Mally obeyed a calling from the Lord to focus their ministry towards the United States and the United Kingdom and they started producing newsletters, overseeing magazine subscriptions, and launching speaking tours in these countries. In late 1993, Ken joined two colleagues, Mark Looy and Mike Zovath, to found a new layperson-oriented creation organization in the United States that was initially called Creation Science Ministries and later renamed to Answers in Genesis.

Answers in Genesis has grown over time to include a radio program, magazine, and many other outreach efforts. They also gained broader international exposure in response to founder Ken Ham’s 2014 creation/evolution debate with Bill Nye “the Science Guy” which has been watched by an estimated 20 million people and growing.

Answers for Everyone, Everywhere!

Answers in Genesis experienced its most significant expansion in 2007 with the opening of the Creation Museum and again in 2016 with the opening of the Ark Encounter, a full-scale reconstruction of Noah’s Ark and historic biblical-era village. To help expand their reach even further, the ministry established several international offices over the years, including locations in Australia, Mexico, Peru, and Canada.

AiG also has a strong online presence and offers a popular Kids Answers section on their website where children can explore different areas of science from a biblical worldview in an easy to understand format. They also have an extensive online store and offer various educational resources, including Bible curriculum, study guides, and online courses. has experienced significant growth in recent years, particularly during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic. This streaming service is accessible online and through many popular smart devices (such as Roku, fireTV, Apple, and Android) and equips viewers to defend the gospel of Jesus Christ and the truth of God’s Word with live and on-demand video content from Answers in Genesis, the Ark Encounter, Creation Museum, and other ministries worldwide.

Creation Museum

The Creation Museum opened its doors in 2007 and allows visitors to experience biblical history coming to life. This family attraction explores creation science with stunning exhibits, fossils, and botanical gardens as well as a zoo, zip line course, and more.

The museum has experienced tremendous growth and expansion over the years, including the addition of the Stargazer’s Planetarium and Johnson Observatory to enhance the museum experience for guests who attend their various astronomy programs.

The museum also added one of the best-preserved allosaur skeletons to the already-impressive array of dinosaur exhibits, rounding out their Flood Geology room. They’ve recently incorporated a new 4D theatre and added a tasteful and visually striking pro-life exhibit called Fearfully and Wonderfully Made.

Ark Encounter

Have you ever wondered how big Noah’s Ark was? How did he build it? And how was he able to fit, feed, and care for all the animals? Answers in Genesis built the full-size version of Noah’s Ark to help answer these questions and more.

With various exhibits, events, and immersive experiences, the Ark Encounter features a full-size Noah’s Ark, built according to the dimensions given in the Bible. Spanning 510 feet long, 85 feet wide, and 51 feet high, this modern engineering marvel amazes visitors young and old.


The Christmas season is a popular time to visit the Creation Museum and the Ark Encounter to experience their annual ChristmasTown festivities. Tour the dazzling garden of lights, enjoy the ice skating rink, and reflect on the true meaning of the season at the live nativity. Be sure to plan your visit today!

Discover More Answers

DonorDirect is honored to come alongside Answers in Genesis and empower their ministry through software and services that are uniquely designed to support the wonderful work they accomplish around the world every day. We invite you to discover how God has continued to bless this amazing ministry over the past 25 years.