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Setting Priorities: How a CRM Can Help Your Missions Right Now

What are your ministry’s top priorities right now? Whatever’s on your agenda, there are donor management and CRM tools you can use to engage your donors and maximize your impact. From speaking with organizations and mission teams, DonorDirect has identified four top priorities that many organizations are focused on. Let’s count them down…

Broadcast Media
For reach and impact, it’s hard to beat broadcast ministries – but it’s also hard to keep track of
the contracts, costs and data that broadcasting involves. DonorDirect is here to help. We provide
a robust list of CRM features that help your ministry cover all of your network and station
management, including comprehensive media outlet records with custom data fields. In one
system you can…

  • Track unique contract details per media outlet or network
  • Manage the shows associated with each of your programs
  • Automate ROI calculations
  • Create custom calendars for cost calculations, based on each contract’s unique details

Your relationship with each station and network is unique, and being able to accurately track
those nuances and calculate your monthly costs is important. DonorDirect CRM software allows you to stay on top of everything you need along the way.

Missionaries & Staff Support
Are you looking to make life easier for your missionary and staff members, so they can focus
more on ministry? Empowering missionaries is one of DonorDirect’s specialties. It starts with
our customizable Missionary Portal, which provides real-time access for missionaries all around
the world so they can access the information they need, right when they need it. With

  • Allow giving designations for special funds or projects such as travel, medical or
    equipment funds;
  • Give missionary teams the ability to create personalized dashboards;
  • Make it easy for missionaries or field staff to create bulk communications for their
  • Run built-in missionary-specific reports and summaries
    Missionaries are people specially called to serve – you’ll help them do their best when you can
    give them quick access to the tools and information they need, when they need it.

The Ins-and-Outs of Donations
The best non-profits and ministries are constantly seeking to streamline giving for their generous
supporters. If your donors find that making a simple contribution is overly complicated, you’re
likely to lose those donors! That’s why the best donor management system will quickly connect
your organization with those who want to give.
DonorDirect is known for allowing quick and easy support for missionaries and ministries, and
we understand the importance of one-time online contributions as well as recurring gifts – all
with robust payment security so your donors will feel confident in their giving. And with
integrated donation processing, we simplify the reconciliation process and streamline operations
for hard-working finance teams. These are top priorities for almost every successful ministry.

Event Planning and Management
As pandemic-related restrictions ease, events are once again at the forefront of nonprofit’s
development efforts. Live auctions, 5k runs, galas – gatherings such as these build invaluable
relationships with your donors. They also allow you to connect with new supporters and build
brand awareness in your community or sector.
A powerful CRM can be the engine that drives the success of your events this year, making it easy to:

  • Set concrete goals for your event and measure your success at reaching them;
  • Organize your staff and volunteer teams, so everyone will be on the same page leading up
    to and during the event;
  • Communicate with donors and attendees, to make sure they have all the details about
    time and locations and to build excitement before your event gets started (and to thank
    them profusely for their support);
  • Manage the accounting to keep your event on budget;
  • Track attendance, expenses, fundraising revenue, and other metrics, so once the event
    wraps up you will know how it performed and what you can do to build on your success.

Whatever your focus, your ministry can help change our world. If you’re ready to accelerate your efforts DonorDirect Ministry CRM Software can help make a lasting Kingdom impact.

As a worldwide leader in nonprofit enterprise software since 1999 our team is eager to learn about your work and ur team is eager to learn about your work and how DonorDirect can help your ministry grow.
Connect with us here – we’d love to learn more about your ministry!

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