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Child sponsorship software earns donor trust

Charities focused on child sponsorship can benefit enormously from implementing donor management software. Systems that streamline and secure the donation process will prevent backers and charities from losing money to scams.

Scam artists take advantage of people’s willingness to donate money to noble causes. They send letters requesting cash or emails asking for an immediate wire transfer. According to The Guardian, these fake organizations pinpoint people with specific interests or affiliations who often have easily accessible contact information. In the case of one gentleman in Edinburgh, Scotland, his address was listed publicly because he owned a gallery. Con artists sent him a heartbreaking letter and his charitable instincts got the better of him, losing both him and real children in need a great deal of money.

These hoaxes are global issues, and anyone can be a victim of a convincing plea. Consumer Affairs reported  that the swindling has gotten so out of hand that the New York state attorney general’s office had to create a Charities Bureau with the sole intention of pursuing and shutting down charity scam artists. Many Americans are cheated out of their money, as are the nonprofit organizations that really need the help, because of direct mail and email scams.

One major solution to this trend is the implementation of donor management software by charities looking to raise money for child sponsorship. Contributors need clear communication from the organization to which they are giving to feel safe about where their money is going and how their information is used.

Donor management software not only allows an organization to promote its cause and offer multiple means of sponsorship, but it also helps staff follow up with contributors. This is a mutually beneficial system that will help a nonprofit earn the trust of good people who want to contribute to causes they believe in. It will also keep contact information safe and available for future contribution opportunities.