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Management software improves donor loyalty

Donor management software can help nonprofits improve donor loyalty and attract new members in the process.

Marketing Profs recently reported that 53 percent of a client’s motivation to stick with a business through thick and thin can be attributed to its customer service experience with that company. In terms of nonprofit organizations, these numbers align with the donation process. Fundraisers are not simply purchasing a product. They are giving their money to a cause they find worthy. The product is not tangible, but the experience of giving is very real.

To make the system better, staff can test the donation process themselves. Check to see if pages thanking backers for their gifts come up often enough – or at all. These tiny gestures can make a huge difference in the giving experience. Along with appreciation, each step should be quite simple.

Nonprofit Hub agreed that providing an easy way for donors to “say yes” is critical to retaining membership and contributions. Fundraising software that sends automated messages expressing gratitude for either donating or joining an organization demonstrates a level of compassion that will reinforce that group’s commitment to its cause and its contributors.