Media Management

Media management software enhances NPOs outreach endeavors

A media management software program ensures a nonprofit adapts to the evolving communications landscape. From television, radio and the Internet, NPOs can choose from an array of tools to maximize exposure, raise awareness of a cause and mobilize constituents.

Communications directors have a lot on their plates
Nonprofit staff members typically wear many hats, and that goes for communications directors. It can be difficult for them to execute a top-notch communications plan with limited resources and an unclear strategy. In fact, 57 percent of communications managers feel overworked, according to Nonprofit Marketing’s “Nonprofit Communications Trend 2014” report.

There are so many ways to reach constituents, so a communications director can always do more. Whether it’s employing strategies in social media, email marketing or direct mail, the communications department has its hands full. Nonprofit communicators spend most of their time on e-newsletters, Facebook and event marketing. However, they said in-person presentations, e-newsletters and print fundraising appeals are the most effective, according to the report.

The respondents, which consisted of 2,135 nonprofits, said websites, email marketing and social media are the most important communications tools. In terms of social media, 95 percent of the nonprofits surveyed said Facebook is a crucial social platform, Twitter comes in at 64 percent and 38 percent believe YouTube is vital to a social media campaign.

Traditional TV and radio are prime broadcast tools
While many nonprofits are prioritizing online outlets, organizations are still utilizing media relations and public relations to increase publicity. In fact, 63 percent of respondents said this tool is very important and is particularly essential for larger nonprofits than smaller ones.

“Remarkably, a well-written press release still works as a means to share information,” Sascha D. Freudenheim, a senior vice president at Resnicow Schroeder Associates, told Nonprofit Technology Network. “Use them to create a narrative around some piece of news and tie it to institutional goals.”

Media management software maximizes publicity 
The software program informs nonprofits which broadcast mediums are the most effective. That way, NPOs will know where to place media to successfully reach their target audiences. A communications associate can tap into the media management software program to locate main contacts at these specified TV and radio stations. Media management also helps NPOs determine costs. It keeps track of the media budget and month-end media costs.

The trends report indicated that NPOs are most excited about new opportunities to reach people and improve communications practices. A media management software program can help nonprofits embrace these goals.